What is the ZOOM LETTER CRM tool?

Thanks to ZOOM LETTER you have a complete database of your clients in one unit. Your database is segmented according to your own ideas and needs. The content of the database is created from information about your clients as well as the history of your communication with them.

What are the main advantages of a ZOOM LETTER?

It will offer you an automatic communication with clients in the form of newsletter campaigns either irregular (e.g. at important events or specific period) or regular fully automatic (e.g. before arrival, after departure, birthday campaigns etc.) The goal of the system is to raise engagement and the number of direct booking (accommodation) or direct shopping (e-shops) through your web pages.

Can I prepare the newsletter campaign myself or do I need the assistance of a graphic desginer/programmer?

You can prepare all the campaign yourself and thanks to COMPOSER it will be ready in a few minutes. Thanks to pre set content blocks and their editable content you can prepare your newsletter and populate it with content including photos and url links.

You have 40+ blocks at your disposal.

Is there any limit for the number of campaigns or the number of sent newsletters?

No, there is not. You can create unlimited campaigns and send them to an unlimited number of contact emails.

Who will prepare the templates for newsletters?

We will prepare the template/s for you not only from the graphic point of view but we will program it as well. The cost is included in your monthly payment.

How do Autocampaigns work?

You can prepare yourself automatic sending of reactions to your clients – e.g. when the system finds out that the client has left many times during the last step of an order, it can automatically send him/her a newsletter with better offer, possibility of consultation by telephone, a satisfaction questionnaire etc.

You can edit yourself when the system should react (e.g. after not finishing the fourth step of an order) and also in which cases it should react (e.g. only for clients with order over certain value). There is a possibility of setting the frequency of repeating, in which days etc.

What kinds of statistics do I see?

The statistics of sent, delivered and opened emails are included in both options. You can set up a connection into your Google Analytics including marking the individual campaigns for better arrangement and organization.

What are ZOOM TRACK statistics?

In the Business and the Professional option you have a possibility of detailed following of clients’ reactions to your campaigns. You can watch which links did they click on, including the clients’ identification and possibility of a targeted offer..

What is a synchronization with PMS or Cashier system?

The ZOOM LETTER CRM tool is connected to and regularly synchronized with your hotel property management system (PMS) or your cashier system or other systems, which you use. You have all your data under one roof and up to date. You have full access to all possibilities of automatic online communication with your clients.

Functionality of PRE STAY/POST STAY

For the hotel business the function of PRE STAY is very important – you are reaching out to your client with an offer of further services before his/her arrival. Besides the information about his/her stay it is possible to offer room upgrade, hotel transfer, welcome drink and many others.

POST STAY can be used by hotels as well as by other on-line sellers, when you automatically thank your clients for using your services and encourage other activity (evaluation of satisfaction, special offer in the next purchase, etc.)

The timing of PRE STAY and POST STAY is up to you.

Will pop-ups increase conversion?

Thank to this module you can manage pop-ups on your web site. You will decide how often they will appear, choose an individual section on your website where they will appear and after how long since the page was opened. You can also prepare individual pop-ups for different language versions with direct targeting of offers, e.g. in the location where the web page visitor is right now – depending on his IP address.
Pop-ups can appear as classic banners, interactive banners where a client can write his/her email or answer a question or the pop-up will count down time till the end of a special offer.
You can set exact timing from/until the pop-up will be displayed to the visitors of your website. The feedback from clients from pop-ups will be recorded in your database.
Other possibility is to set so-called “Deal of the day” – a special offer with a limited validity and the highest priority in chosen language version. It will automatically deactivate all other pop-ups.


You will get further information about your clients’ needs by using these modules to communicate with them, including more detailed information about them and further on-line orders. If you do not have direct access to client information from the original booking data (e.g. as is often the case with bookings from OTAs), this is the perfect chance of asking for your clients’ original email to save in your database.

STOP EXIT we don’t want you to go

We are all concerned about the problem of why clients leave your booking process just at the last step or quit your website without proper interaction.

The Stop exit module is here to give them the opportunity to change their mind and not leave. Clients are motivated not to quit and you may get their email for future communication or you may convince them to finish the order.


This module is useful for the accommodation provider and makes check-in easier and much faster for your clients. Before the arrival your clients, they can fill in their personal details for check-in from anywhere (home, station, airport or taxi) and then only need to pick up their keys at reception on arrival. They save not only their time but the time of your reception staff as well.

BEHAVIOR - more information about visitors’ behavior on my website?

Thanks to the module Behavior you have a total record of the activities of your web page visitors. We record their activity and save it in ZOOM LETTER client database even before they reveal their identity. After this “revealing” a possibility of automatic sending of targeted offers based on browsing activity is activated.


The loyalty program motivates all your clients to further business. Collecting points, managing points and exact information about the state of an account - all under one roof in the ZOOM LETTER tool.


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