• Database of clients
  • Matching clients into unlimited number of groups
  • Filtering and sorting clients according to given parameters
  • Limited access to groups with the help of user permission


  • Database of e-mail campaigns
  • Sending an e-mail with an attachment
  • Sending an e-mail in HTML as well as in PLAIN format
  • Timing dispatch of a campaign
  • Calculation of e-mail spam score before sending a campaign
  • Process of approval by an authorized person/people before sending a campaign
  • Images in e-mail body (without necessary downloading of images in the delivered email)
  • detailed reports about receiving and opening an email
  • automatic insert of parameters of Google Analytics tracking
  • extended setting for chosen recipients
  • automatic delete of invalid addresses according to undelivered messages
  • archive of sent NWSL
  • database of campaign templates with possibilities of filtering and ordering
  • automatic generation of a new template from PDF/image
  • division of templates into groups
  • multi templates (one version of a template for more subjects in a group)
  • user permission for template groups and sending of campaigns


  • information about number of e-mails sent and delivered
  • information about a number of e-mails opened


  • detailed click tracking in an e-mail/campaign
  • tracking of the links directed to external web sites
  • identification of a client
  • information about number of undelivered emails, refused by the server
  • a possibility to send a NWL only to the clients, who clicked on the tracked link


  • creating your own e-mail templates from pre set blocks
  • any transfers of blocks beyond the template
  • easy template editing (descriptions, photos, links, etc.)
  • constant visual aspect of templates
  • automatic loading of data from url address (web, e-shop) into a template


  • Connection with a reservation system (Fidelio/Hores/Opera/etc.)
  • Connection with other database systems (checkout/store)
  • automatic import/export of data twice a day
  • synchronization with the help of .xml, .csv, .xls


  • your own editing of automatic campaigns
  • each action will cause an automatic reaction ( e.g. sending a thank-you note to a client for his/her stay or purchase 5 days after and again 10 days after it
  • editing of many different reactions (e.g. a different thank-you note to corporate/B2B clients/other VIP/other end users)
  • link of autocampaigns with pre-set templates
  • link with other modules (e.g. Online check-in, Loyalty program etc.)


  • automatic sending of PRE and POST templates
  • CZ, EN and other language versions with its own editing
  • Time and day setting for sending PRE and POST reservations
  • Editing of offers in PRE/POST and their terminology in different language versions
  • a summary e-mail with a list of PRE/POST


  • pop-up windows including a possibility of more pop-ups on your website
  • editing of a certain page ( subpage ), where a pop-up will appear + in which language version
  • setting of a time lag, after which the pop up will appear, eg. after 5 sec. , and how many times it will appear
  • loading of pictures/background and a possibility of changing them whenever you want
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a link to another page
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a box for entering client’ s email
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of a count down ( a count down of validity in a day/hour/minute format )
  • Deal of the day – a special offer with limited validity and the highest priority in chosen language version. It automatically deactivates other pop-ups
  • display according to localization (e.g. a pop-up will be displayed only in the USA)
  • switching on/off
  • timing of banner display
  • pop-up with overlapping possibility / eject from side - left or right side
  • possibility to frame the pop-up in any color
  • possibility to set up background color
  • register client’s e-mail into a database (membership)
  • color selection for „cross“ closing the pop-up. Selection of black, white and grey
  • set up of Google Analytics statistics for display and clicks.


  • automatic sending of a questionnaire
  • editing of questions
  • history of client’s answers
  • gaining of clients’ emails (automatic rewriting of temporary e-mails)


  • automatic sending of offers
  • editing of offers
  • history of client’s orders
  • gaining of clients’ email (automatic rewriting of temporary e-mails)
  • order price calculation


  • it shows a motivating offer with a registration form before closing a web page ( offer + email)
  • email record into DTB
  • automatic sending of an e-mail with an offer to a client
  • editing of a promocode
  • connection with booking engine including discount calculating


  • filling in compulsory data by the client before his/her arrival
  • safe communication with a client (using an on-line form)
  • data record into database and export/import of data
  • synchronization with PMS


  • client’s account with login and password
  • overview and setting of rewards (name, description, photo, necessary points, etc.)
  • automatic sending of information about current number of points
  • connection with PMS/checkout system
  • claiming rewards (promocode, service)
  • connection of DTB with existing loyalty programme (in case of any existing loyalty programme of a client) it is not a part of a programme and is extra charged


  • setting a record for the domain for verifying the authenticity of a sender
  • setting a record for the domain for verifying the authenticity of NWSL content


  • collective import of clients from .xls, .csv document format
  • collective export of clients to .xls, .csv document format


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