General and Security Terms and Conditions
of the Use of the “ZOOM LETTER” CRM programme.

The Operator of the ZOOM LETTER licenced software (hereinafter “ZOOM LETTER”) is the owner of a website (accommodation facility, restaurant, e-shop etc.) which the software is made available to under a license.

The ZOOM LETTER SW enables the Operator to store and process information on the Operator´s clients and services provided to them, including communication with the clients. The information on the client´s identity and potentially also on his/her internet activities, which the client provides to the Operator by means of the ZOOM LETTER SW, are protected by a SSL Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 security certificate during the subsequent on-line transfer of data.

The Operator is responsible for all contents, personal data or information which are made available to clients by means of the ZOOM LETTER SW. The Operator is also responsible for all communication with the client, including informing the client about services rendered, terms and conditions of cancellation, complaint-handling procedures, exchange rates of currencies etc.

The provider and owner of the ZOOM LETTER CRM is VIRTUAL ZOOM s.r.o.

The company VIRTUAL ZOOM s.r.o. is not involved in the contractual relationship between the Operator and the client in any way, and cannot thus be held responsible for any damages or losses that may occur between the Operator and the client.

The valid current version of the “General and Security Terms and Conditions” is available on-line at:

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