Samples & examples

Simple campaigns

Quick overview of all sent campaigns including deliverability
opening rate and click-through rate.

Create a new campaign in a few minutes!

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Clients database

Universal clients database allows to store contacts
from all available sources.

You can track any clients data that you need!

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automatic communication

According to in advance prepared demands and defined conditions your clients will be automatically addressed and delivered directly focused campaigns and “tailor-made” reactions. You can edit Autocampaigns completely yourself.

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Detailed statistic

Complex statistics of sent, delivered and opened emails. Thanks to the unique ZOOM TRACK technology you will get an overview about your clients’ reactions and behavior to your suggestions, including automatic evaluation!

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you know everything about your clients

A perfect overview about clients‘ behavior on your website.
You will learn detailed information and you can use them for direct targeting.
Ideal functionality with connection to Autocampaigns.

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Drag & Drop

Thanks to using the latest technology of the pre-set blocks system, you will prepare your newsletter in a minute. Additional modifications using drag-n-drop are very simple and effective.

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Send PRE and POST emails automatically to clients before and after their stay. Offer extra services, recommend restaurants or sights, get reviews and ratings easily!

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Birthday and name-day

Automatic birthday or name day greeting emails!
Offer a discount, a service or a voucher and get loyal customers!

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Enhance client’s stay based on his/her needs and requirements.

In exchange you will get your client’s real email instead of temporary one
(like mails from

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Extra services

Offer additional services to your client
and get his/her real email!

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online check-in

Give the client the opportunity to fill in the check-in online before his/her arrival and save his/her and your time.

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Popup & StopExit

Inform your clients about newest offers!

Offer to your clients special price before leaving the page!

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